Ert, 12th of Lam, 307

FTL Session 2

Sir Reginald and “Tag” Thagholden travel by land to the “village” northeast of Gildhim. They encounter an orc and companions along the way. Sir Reginald is insulted by their comments and attacks the Orc. Tag puts Sir Reginald to sleep and defuses the situation.

Tag attempts to talk some sense into Sir Reginald.

They arrive at Mayes Stables. Tag talks to the stablehands and finds the merchant, Reave Garner, hiding in a burned-out shack. “Merchant” reveals he was hired through the Freelancers to steal an Arstan artifact; is now hunted.

Sir Reginald meets with Robin Mayes and intimidates her into joining him as a domestic retainer for his adventures.

Party meets up and all four set out on horseback for Gildhim.


Samodean Samodean

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